Why Algorand?

Here is why we chose to build our products on Algorand's blockchain and why we recommend our partners to build on Algorand technology.

1000Transactions per Second

With capacity to easily increase to higher throughput. Algorand is scalable to billions of users.


Transaction speeds are as fast as traditional financial networks and require minimal computation.

Low Transaction Costs ideal for stablecoins, Digital Money, Micropayments, and much more
Built by a team of world-renowned experts
1 Turing Award Winner
2 Gödel Prize Winners
5 Awards in Computer Science. Cryptography and Distributed Computing
12 PhDs
9 World's Best Research Universities Represented
Dedicated Developer Relations Team
Superior Layer 1 Tech stack

Assets issued on Algorand are incredibly fast and secure, as they are built directly into Algorand's Layer-1.

Easy, simple, and secure asset issuance and management for developers and enterprise.

Native control over assets for permissions, compliance, and regulatory requirements: Freeze and Clawback assets, include KYC/AML checkpoints, revoke permissions, among other things.

Smart Contracts

Algorand Smart Contracts (ASC) are faster, more secure and scalable.

ASCs are written in an assembly-like language that is safer to use.

Algorand's programming languages, TEAL and Clarity, are decidable with low complexity. What you want it to do is what it will do.

Cost and risks are lowered while having instant settlement of these contracts, taking full advantage of Algorand's speed.

Atomic Swaps

Algorand enables a secure way to simultaneously transfer a number of assets among a number of parties.

No need for escrow or reliance on hash time-locked contracts.

Novel execution of complex transfers for all types of settlements that is instant and smooth.

Co-Chain Technology

Algorand supports a hybrid model of private side-chains, known as Co-Chains, that can natively interoperate with the public blockchain.

Co-Chains can interact and transact with other Co-Chains and the public blockchain.

Ideal for institutional use cases.

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