About Us
A Specialized Blockchain Lab

At Rand Labs we have developed specialized expertise in blockchain technology. Through 7 years of experience, we have worked closely with all major blockchain protocols and have garnered a valuable experience in the industry that helps us deliver the maximum quality in our products and those of our partners.

Deep blockchain expertise is scarce

We spend years training and advancing our team members' skills by facing ever more complex technical challenges in the blockchain space. Having helped and participated in the development of many of the most popular blockchain products in the word since 2013, we are in the capacity to deliver quality solutions regardless of the difficulty of the problem.

Technical skills are not enough

Despite having built numerous blockchain products and consensus upgrades from scratch, we believe a business-oriented acumen is as important in delivering maximum product market fit. With our lengthy history in the industry, we have developed a valuable network of relationships that is available to our partners. Additionally, The Rand Labs management team has been very active as investors and advisors in the space. We have invested in and advised very successful projects. As important, we have seen many projects fail that allowed us to learn valuable insights from those failures.

Remote Work in our DNA

No matter where you are in the globe, we know how to work with you and your team.
Our operations are designed to maximize all processes and communication around remote collaboration.

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